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The Subtle Magic of Sutra Neti

Many people only discuss the physical benefits of sutra neti: dislodging mucus, scraping dead cells out of the sinuses, and causing the mucousal lining to regenerate.

But sutra neti is so much more than this. It’s really a beautiful technique with the potential to transform both the mind and body.

For a guide on proper technique and how to get it through your first time, see my guide here.

For this post I want to point out the subtler effects of the sutra neti.

The sutra neti stimulates the nerve endings in our sinuses. It also brings our awareness to the face and sinuses, which increases the circulation of blood and energy to that area.

Energy and blood stagnation are a major factor in most chronic illness. By opening and drawing energy to the facial nadis / meridians / vessels, we enable the body to heal itself.

The face houses many of our most important nerve centers. Nerve centers in the face control four of our five senses: smell, sight, sound, and taste. Healthy sense organs are key for good health.

Let’s look at the meridians in the face and sinuses:

You can feel the connection between the nasal cavity and these points when you’re sutra hits a sensitive spot and your eyes start twitching.

From the image, I’d like to specifically point out B1 and B2 (B = bladder) and ST 1 (ST = stomach). These points are key for vision duct disorders, which is why sutra neti can improve vision.

The Gheranda Samhita even says practice will give one clairvoyance and destroys all mucus disorders (Sutra 51).

This clairvoyance may be due to the stimulation of the ajna chakra the chakra in between the eyebrows, by sutra neti. In my personal experience, practices like the shambhavi mudra and third eye gazing are much more powerful after sutra neti.

So as you can see, just by pulling a thread through our nose, we are subtly rejuvenating the whole system. Beautiful.

See my other article on sutra neti for more info on how to do the practice correctly.

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