If my posts resonate with you, or if you’re in a similar struggle as I was, I will do my best to help you through donation-based health consultations. You can read some of my story here and my health advice here.

I apply Ayurveda, yoga therapy, bio-energetics, astrology, and spiritual counseling, depending on the situation.

I don’t charge a set fee, not because I feel less capable than many of the other alternative healers in America, but because I recognize I don’t have all the answers. So if you ask me about something I can’t help with, I don’t want to bullshit you and make you feel like I know the answers because you already paid me.

If you’re interested in working with me, please use the form below or email with:

  1. Subjective health concerns
  2. Where you live and what you do (occupation / hobbies / however you spend your time)
  3. Place, time, and date of birth (if you don’t know your birth details, you can skip this, it just helps me get another perspective on you through jyotish)

Try to be as thorough as you can, but don’t stress about it. If I need more information, I’ll email you or schedule a call.

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