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I was diagonsed with sleep apnea as an underweight twenty one year old. I didn’t think I “fit the profile”, but the doctor assured me that many young people with no risk factors were diagnosed with sleep apnea these days. Both my nurses fell into this category. They said they looked healthy but had awfulContinue reading “NATURAL CURES FOR SLEEP APNEA”

Sutra Neti blocked in your nose? Advice I wish I knew before I started

For the longest time, I just couldn’t get the sutra neti through my nostrils. It was just blocked, like there was a wall in my sinuses. And I would painfully pick and prod with my sutra to no avail. Maybe I have a deviated septum. Or maybe my mucus is so hardened it needs toContinue reading “Sutra Neti blocked in your nose? Advice I wish I knew before I started”

The Subtle Magic of Sutra Neti

Many people only discuss the physical benefits of sutra neti: dislodging mucus, scraping dead cells out of the sinuses, and causing the mucousal lining to regenerate. But sutra neti is so much more than this. It’s really a beautiful technique with the potential to transform both the mind and body. For a guide on properContinue reading “The Subtle Magic of Sutra Neti”