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How disease shaped my life for the better

I drifted through childhood tight-chested, detached, and anxious, unable to breathe fully. Sinus infections once a month, face always full of mucus, and clenching my stomach constantly to keep it from aching and spasming and screaming in the middle of tests. My limbs were twigs but I had B-cup man boobs and a pot belly.Continue reading “How disease shaped my life for the better”

My Insomnia Journey: A review of every cure I’ve tried

What kind of twelve year old gets insomnia? My only stresses in life were geometry, my modern warfare K/D ratio, and coloring in maps of the world. Yet I still tossed and turned all night in my Spongebob quilt. I told my doctor about it. He didn’t take me seriously. “Stop playing video games soContinue reading “My Insomnia Journey: A review of every cure I’ve tried”

How to finally cure your insomnia: herbs, breathwork, and a spiritual perspective

My insomnia started when I was twelve. More about my story here, if you’re interested. Since then I’ve tried every insomnia cure known to man. I’ve read every “how to sleep” article on the first ten pages of Google. I’ve filtered through all the bullshit and all the marketing and this is what I’ve found.Continue reading “How to finally cure your insomnia: herbs, breathwork, and a spiritual perspective”

Love, Breath, and Pollen Allergies

Original posted on my personal blog I’m walking barefoot over a sticky, stained, suspiciously damp bathroom floor. In these moments, I always strain on my toes and heels to get as little contact with the ground as possible. Is that normal? Or do people just take it? I don’t take it. My whole being pullsContinue reading “Love, Breath, and Pollen Allergies”