How disease shaped my life for the better

I drifted through childhood tight-chested, detached, and anxious, unable to breathe fully. Sinus infections once a month, face always full of mucus, and clenching my stomach constantly to keep it from aching and spasming and screaming in the middle of tests. My limbs were twigs but I had B-cup man boobs and a pot belly.Continue reading “How disease shaped my life for the better”

Love, Breath, and Pollen Allergies

Original posted on my personal blog I’m walking barefoot over a sticky, stained, suspiciously damp bathroom floor. In these moments, I always strain on my toes and heels to get as little contact with the ground as possible. Is that normal? Or do people just take it? I don’t take it. My whole being pullsContinue reading “Love, Breath, and Pollen Allergies”

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